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PVC panels

More than 150 decors for all types of interior design.

PVC ceiling tiles

Lightweight and easy to use, can be quickly installed creating a suspension ceiling system.

Decorative PVC wall panels

Represent patterns of natural materials. Easy to install and maintain.

Glossy moldings

Particularly durable decorative elements. Large selection of shapes and patterns.

Constructor to select decorative panels and moldings

We offer you to choose the best option for the interior decor.

PVC window sills

The high impact resistance of the window sills is ensured by diagonal stiffening ribs at the base of the structure.

Window sills

Современные пластиковые отливы. Устойчивы к разным погодным условиям.

Door panels

Эффективная альтернатива сэндвич-панелям. Обладает высокими термобарьерными свойствами

PVC profiles

Надежная конструктивная система для окон и дверей. Более 20 лет на рынке.

PVC production

PVC production is very popular due to the ease of interior decorations. A wide range of goods gives a chance to create a unique, modern design in any type of room and embody even the most daring ideas for decorative designs.

Production of PVC by the leading supplier Brilliant is your best choice. It combines optimal performance characteristics, high quality and safety, which is confirmed by certificates, as well as affordable cost. While cooperating with us, you will appreciate a number of advantages:

  • Decoration products are presented in a wide selection in the online store catalog.
  • There is an opportunity to buy PVC production in retail and wholesale.
  • Delivery of goods throughout the country is provided in a way convenient for the client.

Catalog of plastic production by Brilliant

Are you looking for PVC products? Here you are able to choose and order the following items with delivery:

  • Ceiling panels PVC.
  • Ceiling tiles.
  • Decorative PVC wall panels.
  • Moldings.
  • Window boards.
  • Window sills.
  • Door PVC panels.

Contact us in a convenient way for you and we will help you to choose the appropriate variant of decoration panels by the reliable manufacturer.

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