The company “Obltorgservis” company offers a wide range of TM Brilliant PVC panels for interior decoration. Plastic panels have a number of advantages among other building materials in terms of thermal insulating and sound-proofing properties, as well as moisture resistance.

Moreover, PVC panels are rugged enough and easy-to-use, which makes them one of the most popular materials used in the construction industry.

White lacquer

The company “Obltorgservis” offers white glossy lacquered panels for walls and ceilings, ideal for bathrooms, living and auxiliary rooms.

Offset printing

This printing technology enables application of various decors (marble, wood, abstractions) directly to the matt PVC panel itself. At the same time the mass-colored panels (white, light and dark brown) can be used. The surface of our panels is covered with a transparent glossy or matt lacquer.

Thermal transfer

Thermal transfer is a technology of applying a decorative layer to PVC panel using high temperatures and special films. The ordinary PVC panels can be given any color and texture through application of the thermal transfer film. And a large variety of decorations makes it possible to decorate the living room or to emphasize the rigor and solidity of the office.


Lamination technology is a process of gluing the special thick decorative films on the plastic panels. The unusual fluted finish of films similar to wallpapers makes it possible to ensure likeness with natural materials. A wide color palette will help to implement the most creative design ideas and create a cozy atmosphere in your home.

Universal angle

Flexible universal PVC angle is used for finishing of internal and external angles, decoration of walls, openings and arches. They have the same decor and texture as the laminated PVC panels.

10 cm PVC panels

Stitch PVC panels are widely used for finishing of balconies, offices, as well as rooms with high humidity. They can have a matt and lacquered surface. They can also be mass-colored, in three colors (white, light and dark brown), and wood grain decorated.


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