Lamination technology is a process of gluing the special thick decorative films on the plastic panels. The unusual fluted finish of films similar to wallpapers makes it possible to ensure likeness with natural materials.


We present our new materials for interior finishing – gloss Brilliant PVC plates.
The surface of the PVC plates practically do not differ from the surface of articles made of natural materials. Plates have dimensions 1220*2440*4mm, easy to cut and install. They can be used while creatimg partitions, with wall and ceiling decoration. One of the advantages of Brilliant PVC plates is the ease of installation. Without much effort and cost you will be able to change the interior of an apartment, office or rooms in the building.

There is a wide range of PVC plates. While using a variety of decoration options, you can create compositions in different styles. They are very useful in manufacturing of columns and arches. Decorative finishing PVC plates are made of hard PVC, environmentally friendly and have many other advantages: they are durable, nonflammable, have a 100% resistance to moisture, and it is very easy to take care of them.

Decorative pattern is applied to the plates by hot-stamping technology, and covered with a protective layer of antistatic varnish, that has abrasion resistance. Brilliant PVC plates are excellent and efficient material that allows you to create a varied and unique interior.

Decorative finishing PVC-plates made of hard PVC, environmentally friendly and have many other advantages: they are durable, non-flammable, have a 100% humidity, and for them it is very easy to care for. Decorative pattern is applied to the plates on transfer method, and covered with a protective layer of varnish, antistatic and abrasion resistance.

PVC plate Brilliant excellent and efficient material that allows you to create a diverse and unique interior.


«Brilliant» PVC moldings are new high-quality environmentally friendly facing building materials, produced by LLC «Obltorgservice».

PVC moldings moldings are indistinguishable from natural materials. They are easy to install, which allows to perform room decoration of any difficulty for every taste quickly and at low cost.

They are made from completely harmless components, do not support combustion, have high mechanical strength and attractive gloss finish. Their colors are bright and saturated. Easy to maintain. Moisture resistant.

All these qualities and reasonable price as compared to natu­ral materials make the product particularly attractive.

The advantages of Brilliant PVC moldings

Download the complete catalog of pvc panels and moldings


Компания «Облторгсервис» продолжает активно сотрудничать с нашими постоянными дилерами, создавая им максимально комфортные условия для сотрудничества. Кроме того, мы предлагаем возможность сотрудничества новым дилерам, постоянно расширяем дилерскую сеть и развиваем новые партнерские отношения на взаимовыгодных и долгосрочных началах. Для нас важно обеспечить экономический рост и стабильность нашим бизнес-партнерам.

Мы всегда рады новым дилерам, которым готовы предложить:

  • высокое качество продукции;
  • конкурентные цены;
  • короткие сроки выполнения заказов;
  • бесплатное программное обеспечение;
  • техническую документацию, сертификаты соответствия;
  • информационную и рекламную поддержку.

Начав сотрудничество с нами, Вы получаете БЕСПЛАТНО:

  • программа расчета металлопластиковых окон;
  • выставочный уголок;
  • образцы стекла и стеклопакетов;
  • образцы ламинации;
  • рекламную продукцию.

Чтобы стать дилером компании «Облторгсервис», Вам необходимо обратиться к нам в офис или связаться со старшим менеджером отдела продаж. Наши менеджеры ознакомят Вас с продукцией и условиями сотрудничества.


т. +38(050)434-29-77

Или заходите к нам в офис - г. Черновцы ул. Воробкевича, 5А


Наши объекты

На многих крупных объектах Украины установлены окна и двери, изготовленные из профиля Brilliant"

  • гостиница «Украина» г. Киев;
  • два 25-этажных домах на проспекте Победы в г. Киев;
  • в пятиэтажных домах строительной компании «АГРОБУДСЕРВИС»в городах Черновцы, Хотин, Каменец-Подольский;
  • в городской больнице г. Черновцы по ул. Фастовской;
  • в районной центральной больнице г.Сторожинец, Черновицкой области;
  • в большинстве школ Сторожинецого района Черновицой области - в г. Сторожинец, с. Ропча, с.Зруб-комаривцы, с. Давыдены, с. Годылов, с. Чудей, с. Бобивцы, с. Комаривцы, с. Ныжни-Петривцы, с. Бобивцы, с. Банилов-Подгорный и т.д.
  • в школах Глыбокского района Черновицкой области;
  • пятиэтажных домах города Снятин Ивано-Франковской области, возведенных строительной компанией «Снятинмиськбуд»
  • торговый центр "ВолодимирБуд" в г. Кицмань, Черновицкой обл.
  • в церкви г. Красноильск
  • ресторан "Дельта", г. Черновцы

«Brilliant» - это высококачественная трёхкамерная и пятикамерная системы ПВХ профилей для производства оконных и дверных конструкций.


PVC door panel is a product used for filling of blind slots (for example, ones of the door bottom). The door panel represents a set of interconnected decorative 3-chamber PVC profiles. The panels are connected (“latched”) to each other by means of a groove of a special shape that excludes blowing at joint place.


Ceiling panels are made similar to plastic wall panels, and have longitudinal stringer inside, which provides them with additional rigidity. Unlike mineral fiber plates, PVC plates do not sag in premises with high humidity. And they are mounted similarly to “Armstrong” ceiling plates, which makes their installation quick, clean and convenient.

These ceiling products can be matte, glossy (lacquered) and with a variety of textures.


PVC panels, 100 mm

Stitch PVC panels are widely used for finishing of balconies, offices, as well as rooms with high humidity. They can have a matt and lacquered surface. They can also be mass-colored, in three colors (white, light and dark brown), and wood grain decorated.

Moisture resistance


The company “Obltorgservis” company offers a wide range of TM Brilliant PVC panels for interior decoration. Plastic panels have a number of advantages among other building materials in terms of thermal insulating and sound-proofing properties, as well as moisture resistance. Moreover, PVC panels are rugged enough and easy-to-use, which makes them one of the most popular materials used in the construction industry.



The company “Obltorgservis” also offers white glossy lacquered panels for walls and ceilings, ideal for bathrooms, living and auxiliary rooms.




STOCK! Up to -50% on the thermal transfer panels!

Until 31.08.2018 there is a discount on the panels with thermal transfer. All the decors are in stock. Prices - from 77 UAH/sq.m.

To order panels it is possible on t. +38 (050) 437-17-17, (050) 374-12-17. The number of promotional products is limited!

ALL promotional Decors

7003-3 - Olive Bamboo
Crystal 8
6 – Ocean
0114-1 - Iris White
349-1 – Iris
70-1 - Coral Coast
158 - Blooming Almond
7007-1 - Flower Vanilla
0115-1 – Kadenia Pink
70 - Sea Shore
57 - Old tree
219 - Breeze Ruby
147 – Babylon
0117-2 - Dynamics Silver
6006-1 - Golden Amber
203 - Magnolia Blue
6280 – Wave
0120-3 - Flora blue
224-1 - Inspiration Beige
0107-3 Botticino Azure
0122-1 Daylily Beige
0123-3 Dubbles Light
2059 Jade stone
8003-1 Sisal
9920 Ash root
0106-1 Cobalt apatite
0106-3 Azure apatite
108 Blue Lagoon
0115-1 Kadenia Pink
0126-2 Hornbeam Light
147 Babylon
162-2 Marble with photo Olive
165-1 Morning in Brazil
200-2 Leaves White
203-2 Magnolia Purple-gray
218 Breeze Ruby
218-1 Breeze Anthracite
219 Breeze Ruby
221-2 Lily Beige
222-1 Inspiration Violet
269 Tea
226 Spring Peach
311-4 Cafe-4
348 Mosaic Pearl
350 Textile Ornament Black
350-1 Textile Ornamental Silver
2001 Marble Peach
2060 Sun Stone
37 Gresse Silver
7003-1 Bamboo Dark
7003-2 Bamboo Folding
8007-2 Blue accent
57-CH Crale Metallic
61265 Fuelwood
61317 Meadow
SL-2011 Summer
SL-2025 Autumn
61265 Brushwood
SL-2030 Spring
SWS-08 American Walnut
Oak Chinese


A distinctive feature of our window stools is their high quality base which is achieved due to diagonal baffles and thick surface. We produce moisture resistant window stools of classic white color with a matte and glossy high-quality film from leading German film producers.As for thermal insulation performance, PVC window stools surpass window stools made of stone and wood.


We can also apply other colors under to order (marble, wood).


ll window stools are made 3 and 6 m long, but we can also customize them to order. They are provided in a set of 2 pieces. We also offer end caps for window stools.

Advantages of window stools:

Stiffening rib

Stiffening rib
vertical and diagonal ones, which significantly increase window stool rigidity

Moisture resistance

Moisture resistance
Resistance to moisture and microorganisms

Ease of care

Ease of care
Non-sensitive to household chemicals, as well as resistant to long-term heat loads


Durable construction is in practice not exposed to any impact and can withstand heavy load

Resistant to solar radiation

Resistant to solar radiation
Do not fade, do not turn yellow, do not disintegrate

Resistant to mechanical wear

Resistant to mechanical wear
Window stools have high integrity, are light and resistant to damage, scratches and high impact


Starter profile

It covers the end faces of the panels, can be used for abutting the panels on the door or window opening.


External angle

It covers the joint of the external right angle panels.


Internal angle

It covers the joint of the internal right angle panels.


Connecting profile

It is used to connect panels to each other (panel lengthening).


25x25 Angle

It is used to complete angles.



Coving covers the abutting joint of wall panels and ceiling.


F-shaped profile

It serves for decorative completion of the surface end elements (window and door openings).


Brilliant’s products have all the necessary certificates. All components of raw materials used in the formulations of TM "Brilliant" products meet the requirements of ISO 9002 and are supplied by leading European manufacturers (Hungary, Germany, Belgium, Austria). Brilliant panels meet all the requirements of DSTU B.2.7-146: 2008, fire safety and hygienic standards, as evidenced by relevant conclusions.


Компания «Облторгсервис» предлагает широкий ассортимент ПВХ панелей ТМ Brilliant для внутренней отделки помещений. Пластиковые панели имеют ряд преимуществ среди других строительных материалов по тепло-, звукоизоляционным свойствам, а также по влагостойкости. Кроме этого панели ПВХ достаточно прочные и легкие в эксплуатации. Все это делает ПВХ одним из самых популярных материалов, которые используются в строительстве.


About us

The company “Obltorgservis” is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality PVC products on the Ukrainian market. PVC panels, PVC ceiling plates, profiles for manufacturing reinforced-plastic structures, window stools and sills, and the necessary accessories are produced under the brand name Brilliant. Brilliant is a full production cycle plant, which includes: extrusion lines for panels and profiles, window stools and sills, products decoration workshop, lamination workshop. Strict quality control is applied in the process of goods manufacture at all stages: from raw materials acceptance to finished products output. Continuous improvement of product quality and high level of service are top targets of “Obltorgservis”.

Our advantages:

20 years

More than 20 years
in the Ukrainian market of PVC products


Full-cycle production
This makes it possible to control the quality of producible articles at all stages of production

22 extrusion lines

22 extrusion lines
Availability of massive production capacity allows producing more than 150,000 m2 of panels per month

Prompt order fulfillment

Prompt order fulfillment
Our modern equipment and production facilities allow us to fulfill orders of almost any volume

Product quality

Product quality
Availability of all regulatory documents, including necessary certificates and permits

Extensive product line

Extensive product line
More than 300 items. Huge variety of colors and patterns


We carry out regular deliveries in Ukraine. We own a vehicle pool.

Care for the environment

Care for the environment
Our products are suitable for full recycling for further use..


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