About us

The company «Obltorgservis» is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of high quality PVC products on the Ukrainian market.
PVC panels, PVC ceiling panels, glossy PVC moldings, PVC window sills, profiles for manufacturing metal structures, and all necessary accessories areproduced under the brand name Brilliant.
Brilliant is now a full production cycle plant which includes: extruding profiles and panels, window sillsand flows, decorating products section, laminating workshops, armouring, manufacture of insulated glass units and assembly of window designs.
This enables to control the quality of received products at all stages of production. Continuous improvement of product quality and a high level of service are the priorities of «Obltorgservice»


The main task of "Brilliant" is the satisfaction of customer needs and improve the services offered.

Aiming to this, our company:

  • constantly improving the product;
  • accurately generates selling proposition and customer requirements;
  • it improves the quality of products and services;
  • improving customer service system, the implementation of contracts and delivery.

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